Ravemen CR1000 Headlight 1,000lm 4000mAh

Ravemen CR1000 Headlight 1,000lm 4000mAh

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The Ravemen CR1000 USB Front Light With Remote features a unique T-Shape beam which illuminates the important bits without dazzling oncoming drivers. The 1,000-lumen output, high quality aluminium body and strong run-times make it a good choice for road riders and commuters alike, though the flash modes could be improved and the mount doesn't fit aero bars. Ravemen is up against some strong competition – and it puts up an excellent fight.

Ravemen has crammed a 4,000mAh battery to a very compact body for run-times up there with the likes of the Magicshine Allty 1000 (also 4,000mAh), and comfortably longer than the 2,200mAH Moon Meteor Storm. It takes around three hours to charge completely from flat, which is reasonable, although it's longer from low output sources such as laptops.

The CR1000 measures just 104mm x 29mm x 32mm, and sits neatly without taking up too much bar space. The anodised aluminium body feels high quality, and the 140g heft is on par – for example, the Magicshine and Moon lights above weigh 146g and 207g respectively.

The CR1000 has a claimed impact resistance of one metre, meaning it won't break if you drop it from that height... but not necessarily that it will break under a heavier impact. In reality it perhaps doesn't tell you much.

The unique thing about the CR1000 is its T-shaped beam. In Ravemen's own words, this gives 'close-range flood lighting and a long-distance spotlight' without dazzling traffic. It works well, with plenty of visibility far ahead for fast descents, and a channel of light that's perfect for picking up potholes.

Although it's not the widest beam, it's just enough that things in hedges won't make you jump.

The modes:

High – 1000 lumen – 2 hrs

Mid – 600 lumen – 2.7 hrs

Low – 350 lumen – 5.8 hrs

Eco – 100 lumen – 25 hrs

Pulse Flash – 500 lumen – 43.5 hrs

Rapid Flash – 150 lumen – 45 hrs


A single press of the button on the rear scrolls through the modes – like most lights these days it turns on in the mode you were using when you last turned it off. At first I thought a double-click was taking me straight to the 1,000-lumen mode, but actually I’m told it’s just that the button works really fast – it fooled me, in a good way! Anyway, it's great. Scrolling through umpteen modes is not only tedious but dangerous, and the main reason I've steered clear of the otherwise excellent Lezyne lights such as the Lite Drive 1000XL.
(Editor's note: While the Lezyne Lite Drive 1000XL does force you to scroll through all modes to get from high beam to low when the light is in its multi-function setting, it does offer another more basic very high beam/very low beam only mode setting.)

In thick gloves the button can be harder to use than those situated on the top of the light, as it's both tucked away and quite flat. To get around this you can use the supplied remote with its 35cm cable and much bigger button. The light cannot be turned on or off with it, and a long press engages full power – great for a sudden dark patch.