AMP PR Lotion

AMP PR Lotion

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It helps reduce the pain in your legs during hard efforts, so you can push much harder during intense activities like climbing, sprinting, time trials, or anytime the pace gets into the red zone.  

Amp has quickly become one of my favorite products and is a must-have of the pros... 

.. like Mike Woods from EF Pro Cycling, who told me he uses Amp Lotion before every hard workout, and it makes the suffering easier. 

This sodium bicarbonate lotion has been shown to reduce muscle soreness following intense exercise, lower heart rate and perceived exertion under the same training loads, and elevate lactate levels to fuel the muscle without the burn... 

Wait, it increases your lactate levels?

Yes! Opposite of what you might think, more lactate actually helps fuel working muscles. The secret is to keep your pain level down so that you can push harder. This is what Amp Human Lotion allows you to do.