Welcome to our Service membership Family.

As of part of membership with ENDURANCE CULTURE SHOP, the Member will receive the following benefits

●  One full tune up a month

●  2 wash /lube a month

●  Unlimited Flat “labor” (tube and parts not included)

●  After race wash/ lube and bike adjustment

●  Complementary bike drop off within 33160 zip code

●  15% off Accessories

2. Membership Dues

An automatic recurring payment of $ 39.99 will be billed for at least 2 months after your initial payment. You will not receive any advance notice of this payment, but you will receive a post-payment confirmation email following all automatic recurring payments.

Subsequent payments will be charged on or around the 5th day of each month

Automatic Recurring Payment Agreement Billing Information Customer Information

I hereby authorize ENDURANCE CULTURE SHOP to charge $39.99 to the indicated credit card. I agree that this is either a one-time or periodic charge that will be made as indicated previously. I guarantee and warrant that I am the legal cardholder for this credit card and that I am legally authorized to enter into this recurring payment agreement

3. Restrictions

The Member agrees that they will not:

●  Service Membership benefits correspond to only one BIKE owns by the member

●  Discount and privileges are Personal and non transferable

  • 4. Liability

    The Member will not hold the Organization liable for any tangible or intangible damage that might happen to them while participating in the membership.

    The Member agrees that the Organization cannot guarantee any results from their membership. Any negative or positive results that might occur during the membership are the result of the Member’s own personal choices.

    5. Privacy

    The Organization will not share any contact or personal information about the Member with other members, non-members or any third parties.

6. Membership Termination

The Organization has a right to terminate the Member’s membership if any of the terms and the conditions of this Agreement are violated. The Member can terminate their membership at any point after 2 consecutive months of signing the agreement.